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Oxymorons, Berries, and Cream

The Starburst “contradiction” campaign, where oxymorons come to life, from the firm TBWA\Chiat\Day strikes me as pretty creative if only because it is inherently open to infinite possibilities.   In the spot below, we’re presented with the Slow Getaway Driver contradiction.

In the meantime, a Starburst spot of a different nature.  

You are now armed with an effective response when confronted with a displeasing situation at home or the office (or anywhere for that matter) – just break into the Berries & Cream dance.  Can’t miss.  Though if you resort to this last line of defense with your wife, leave out the fake kick at the end.  You’ll thank me.


One response to “Oxymorons, Berries, and Cream

  1. amberlymoore3333 April 27, 2011 at 7:21 am

    This is truly my favorite…….(end with a kick).

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