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High Competition with Beer on the Line

Custom Beer Pong Table

I discovered this in the lifestyle section of and find myself conflicted with regards to my feelings about the concept.  On the one hand, any and all efforts to bring one of the most enduring pillars of guzzle games into the living room should be lauded.  On the other, Beer Pong is a highly sloppy sport (that’s right, sport) and the finely-tuned athletes (that’s right, athletes) that partake in it must not be shackled by the strictures of indoor (non-basement, non-garage) decorum.  Furthermore, the width of this fashionable facsimile of the repurposed pong-pitch is a concern. Would it hinder or accentuate top-level defense?  I do not know.  I do know, however, that the ball-retrieval scoops cut down to the center bay are a win because Beer Pong players are generally amongst the laziest of the lazy.


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