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F-Bombs and Hops

The previous post was sweet and introspective.  Now it’s time for something childish and vapid.  It’s a balance thing.  Try not to watch in front of the miniatures.


Husbands Can Do a Lot (When They So Choose)

On the heels of the weekend, I envision wives that are pleased with their husbands’ weekend efforts, and wives that are disappointed, perturbed, ashamed, angered, and/or generally unimpressed.  Either way, a good way to inject some humorous perspective with this ad from DBB New Zealand:

Fish Catching in a Bath Towel

I find that going to sleep with the wiggling remnants of a fresh chuckle helps me both sleep more soundly, and dream more elaborately.  And what are dreams but REM-state nocturnal stories?  Ones that make little sense and that you can’t remember…


Sleep funny.

Why are we doing this? Are we crazy? Maybe.

In the wake of explosive accusations leveled at one of the most galvanizing pitchmen in the biz (see earlier post below), I was inspired to post a spot from one of my favorite campaigns: Vitamin Water featuring Steve Nash.


Evian Makes Babies Dance and My Tap Water Doesn’t

Evian’s “Live Young” campaign is something of a hit in the world of viral video.  The campaign features inhumanly talented babies (er, cgi-enhanced babies) dancing, rollerskating, moonwalking, swimming…   Well, maybe not swimming.

This one takes a moment to develop, but the payoff is worth it.


Personally, I drink tap water…just because.  But the notion of living young appeals to all.  And the fact remains, drinking copious amounts of tap water has done nothing to stem my personal march of time.  Nothing.


Oxymorons, Berries, and Cream

The Starburst “contradiction” campaign, where oxymorons come to life, from the firm TBWA\Chiat\Day strikes me as pretty creative if only because it is inherently open to infinite possibilities.   In the spot below, we’re presented with the Slow Getaway Driver contradiction.

In the meantime, a Starburst spot of a different nature.  

You are now armed with an effective response when confronted with a displeasing situation at home or the office (or anywhere for that matter) – just break into the Berries & Cream dance.  Can’t miss.  Though if you resort to this last line of defense with your wife, leave out the fake kick at the end.  You’ll thank me.

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