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Sometimes I Cry, Sometimes I Want to do Battle

So during the course of my day I often throw on the headphones and listen to some kind of mood music or other.  Recently I had the inspiration while on Pandora to create a station based upon the Gladiator film score.  Great move by me.  Scores from films like (including Gladiator) Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption, The Last of the Mohicans…  I was alternating wildly between aggressively fired up and weepy.  The end result was in fact some solid productivity so the film scores have been a constant presence.

I’ve always had the capacity to be moved by a powerful score.  But sometimes it takes closely listening to the compositions of such stalwarts as Hans Zimmer and James Horner to really grasp the impact the music delivers.  Of course, there are good scores and then there are iconic scores, scores that leave an indelible mark on the senses.  Films like Jaws and Titanic come to mind.  Star Wars, The Godfather…  Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark…  All great films supported by tremendous soundtracks and scores that complete the experience.

But for me, the powerhouses from the epic dramas deliver the most punch.  Even the absence of scoring can resonate deeply.  Take the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away.  Nearly the entire movie is scoreless.  Only when he finally succeeds in paddling out past the breakers and gazes back upon the uninhabited island that served as both refuge and prison does the powerful Alan Silvestri score cue up.  The contrast from no music heightens the emotion of the climactic moment.  Take a listen:

Though the top of my list admittedly includes perhaps some of the more obvious:  the aforementioned Gladiator, Glory, and again, Braveheart.

What do you think?  Are there movies that will forever be associated with music in your mind?  Let’s hear about it…

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