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If I’m Going to Fly, I Prefer a Helmet I Can Eat

Suave Wingsuit Cat

If you’ve never seen footage of wingsuit-basejumping, you might have difficulty believing what your eyes are telling you.  Rest assured, you are in fact seeing what you’re seeing.  I can’t imagine how incredible this feels – though I would very much like to find out.  In fact, last month I walked out of our bedroom in a brand new, lavender, personalized wingsuit.  When my wife set eyes on me she summarily cut off one of my arms.  I am confident I could still make it happen.  However, my aerodynamics team insists that I would fly in circles.

Regarding this guy, Jeb Corliss, what’s with the helmet?  At those speeds, if something goes wrong he might as well be wearing a nacho sombrero.

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